Colleen Hennessey Clayworks

Colleen was one of the first ceramic artist that I fell in love with, and years later she continues to be one of my favorite makers to reach for at home and on photo shoots. Her beautiful designs, reliable structure, and her constant creativity are truly inspiring. As I am in the process of building our new home, I am constantly dreaming up what those details will be. And although I haven’t completely landed on the kitchen specifics, I do know that my kitchen shelves will be filled with Colleen’s bowls.


Colleen Hennessey Clayworks

Simple, functional ceramics inspired by growing and cooking food

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Colleen Hennessey shared a few of her favorite photos and answered a few questions for Local Haven. Enjoy!


What is your morning routine?

I wake up, space out and look out the window. My wife Adele makes me coffee. I like to hang out in bed with the dogs and relax a while before starting the day.

Favorite city?

Los Angeles

Describe your studio vibe.

Quiet, concentrated, busy. I like to work quickly and with focus. My studio is surrounded by redwood trees, and it feels good. I watch the birds come and go while sitting at my wheel working.

What is your best seller?

The wares seem to sell pretty equally.

What do you wish was your best seller?

The largest serving bowls, that are 11" wide and bigger. I love to throw those big bowls. They are made out of recycled clay.

Favorite song?

"Hello, It's Me" by the Isley Brothers

What food do you secretly still love because of nostalgic ties to your childhood?

Burnt Food

Do you say Soda or Pop?

I say coffee

What are you working on next?

We're starting a gift registry. I've found that I really love making sets dinnerware   that   people will use every day.

You are in a dive bar, what do you order?

         If there are no microbrews, I'll order a Bombay gin and tonic.

Bowl stacks on wood.jpg

Thank you Colleen + Adele for working with Local Haven!