community supported agriculture

Today we received our second box from our csa (community supported agriculture). Doesn't it look fantastic? Last year we also bought a share from a different csa, but so far this one is working out great for us. Each week we are able to see the contents of the box a week in advance. You can make edits to the box by adding on additional food or swapping or something that you might like better. The best part about this csa is it is a co-op csa. Meaning, 5-7 different farms and orchards each contribute. This has given us a much larger variety compared to our csa in the past. Look at all of that great food, plus a baguette from one of our local bakeries. I am so excited to see what is in the box next week!

CSA's are a great way to support your local farmers. Check out a csa in your community. You can decide the size of box that works best for you, and some even let you work a couple hours at the farm to help pay for your share. Pretty cool.


I can't wait to make cremini mushroom, bacon and leek pizza tomorrow!

Ashley Marti